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SZA feat. Ab-Soul Ice Moon Revisited Lyrics

Last updated: 11/20/2013 01:06:36 AM

(One Hundred)

Verse 1

I would die, and say
I been waisting, all of my life
On this, moment
Like we, go all day
Fly away, you go and I
For it
I'd rather be with you tonight
I'm tired of the truth, just lie to me
I wanna run away
I wanna go home

Show me the way to your hiding place
I think I wanna go, go there
Show me the way to your hiding place
I think I wanna go, go go, go there
Go to church if you're scared

Verse 2

I lay formless
Hands tied in my sheets
Star signs say I'm rare
By who?
I-I-I-I-I, I wonder who's watchin'
Who's wing I'm under
Sweep me up and I'll go
No questions take me
I'll go!


Verse 3 (Ab-Soul)

Let's Go!
(Go to church if you're scared)

Put the herb in the air
And control of your life
Get them leeches out your ear
Nothin but leaders over here
We aint drink in Sprite
I can quench your thirst, I can dim the lights
You can come first, you can cum twice
Long as you coming baby, you aint gotta hide, you aint gotta lie
We can lay together, No more lonely Septembers
Cold and stormy weather, I know you remember
And whether or not, we decide to tie a knot or not
I rather had than had not
Don't be afraid


You can have all, my shine, I'll give you the light x3

Thanks to Mili