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Charles T. Bailey He Will Pilot Me Lyrics

Last updated: 11/16/2013 07:31:47 AM

1. Although I cannot see the way
O're life's tempestuous sea, (dark sea)

I know that Jesus is my Friend
And that He'll pilot me. (pilot me)

He'll pilot me
(By his hand he'll pilot me)

From day to day
(Oh what life dark temptuous sea)

When blinded eyes
(When my blinded eyes can't see)

Can't see the way
(Cannot see the way; the way)

Let come what may
(Come what may, oh come what may)

On life's dark sea
(On life darkest stormy sea)
My blessed Lord
(My blessed, blessed Lord)

Will pilot me
(He will pilot, pilot me)} 2X

2. Dear Lord, what're the storm may be
I'll simply trust in Thee (In thee)

Relying on Thy love so true,
To safely pilot me. (pilot me)

He'll pilot me from day to day.........} 2X

Thanks to Outshine Dada Oluwatunmise