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Metis Greener Grass Lyrics

Last updated: 09/25/2013 07:33:57 AM

The grass ain't greener, I've seen all the loss
Been looking for some shit that I had all alone,
A long path across the math and what I learned
Was who can miss your dinner, wondering what deserve was,
You can miss right now, wondering what might pound
People ask me where I'm headed next, I just smile now,
I'm here now when I'ma get to what stare then,
I can only be me see there them
I keep options a few jobs, a few girls,
Had a few girls growing up live in two worlds,
I learn to say goodbye dog, I'm fluent in it
Some thing you don't need to know, I'm too good at it,
I'm too foot it but my dreams got wings on em,
Sky dive em foreign free fallin', is my thing ..
My life, I wrote it down and now it breeze on,
And I took em literally when they told me I should dream on.

Turn the tables
Turn the tables
Turn the tables
Turn the tables

They say I'm admired as a mind who reach for everything
Soon as I get it, though, I'm reachin' for the next, man.
Didn't even celebrate the motherf**kin' label deal
I last myself more than any other haters will
I got star she can't see every achievement
The flip side of these winds is all to bleeding, I bleed
With each step along the path way
Can't even feel 'em no more I'm used to that pain
The grass ain't greener, I'm looking at the proof now,
The floor to ceiling windows, I'm looking at the view now,
Picture perfect yeah, what can I say?
Fall the days is ball the clay shit, what can I make?
Even stake in the place we'd be our pay ..
And judge the inside by the outside waitlist,
That fake shit, but what can I say?
Should I been up in the spot, I bought the bottles if they taste it.

Turn the tables
Turn the tables
Turn the tables
Turn the tables

Now, I've seen some cash, seen some applause
Seen up close what I dream from ..
A sample model bros wanting something deeper
Found something deeper that I wanted something freaker,
A classic case of that grasses greener
The same days they give me the strength, make me weaker
I don't even wanna say this here but it's the truth dog
I miss too much, this shit going on for too long
Growing up, no cash in my wallet,
Thought that if I got paid it would solve all my problems,
But those things are moving target slide
Get it thow, want a mill, Get a mill want five,
They right, they say happiness that last
Ain't haven't what you want, it's one what you have, yeah
I wouldn't know nothing 'bout it, but seeing these dreams like I can't live without it.

Turn the tables
Turn the tables
Turn the tables
Turn the tables

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