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Rob Regis Ghostface Lyrics

Last updated: 07/05/2013 06:46:23 PM

Ghost ghost
I've been ghost ghost
I've been ghost ghost
I've been ghost ghost

Now who would've told ya
That I wouldn't room with your Rover
Put me in your system I hurt like in your shoulder
Get like with Buddha and I have numerous over
Doing the toaster I'm getting out that blue from the toaster
Wishing you raping I'm raping the front eager
...when taking the jam C ya
Sacking like you're visiting, conceptual like an Indian
With the bars can you imagine what the city is?
These long timers let's get a moment of silence
First to ask last ton move in the tyrant
What the hell you represent?
When nigger play the evident?
Swards off with elegance, the water's off your skeleton
Crawling with the wild look
I'm crawling out the crucifix
Flashing my blackberry rhymes all out at Ludacris
Now you stoned like Methuselah
Now you stoned like Methuselah

Ghost ghost
I've been ghost ghost
I've been ghost ghost
I have been ghost ghost

Analog nostalgia was bound to get a listening
Round to your christening with the fountain that I'm pissing in
Bound to give them credit but I'm slapping with the dip in
I'm raf but then forget it that's rash
Brick knows that we militant, plus I'm really diligent
Of course all I ask it seem like I do give a shit
Let me swinging and selling me that time shit
Song trying the season like a Coney with the right switch
Giving you the syphilis sick and it's the saying six
And instruments which man is the finish list?
These images are speaking out divinity
Preacher found the enemy who's grinding out the sinister
Me a half a mortal, I guess I'm like a demi god
If you can't respect any of this 24
Left them at the store looking like an empty card
Spitting out these heavy bars
With gold on the lenses, hold off the saying
I'm focues on vengeance with the brain of god
Know that I'm perfect with the limbs of ours
Show that the verses pedaling 16s
Our weapon is speak clean and record is sick teen