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Jake And Papa Gets No Better (Sisi's Interlude) Lyrics

Last updated: 07/04/2013 07:25:10 PM

Hey lady, do you like this rose?
I'm thinking it'll favor nicely in your hair
Right there oh yea

Hey lady, do you like that moon?
I"ll throw a little rope around it and pull it closer
If you wanna, if you wanna

Oh my lady, do you see that star?
I'll pick it right out the sky and put it on your finger
Right there oh yea

Oh my lady, if you come with me
I promise I can give you everything that you need
And more, and more

Oh follow me where I go
Where I can show you more
Little lady it don't get no
Gets no better than this,
Oh I can assure you more
It's so much more in store
Little lady it don't get no
Get no better than this

Thanks to Kei