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Young Chozen G.L.O.W. Lyrics

Last updated: 04/02/2013 05:48:14 AM

We gallant say you're fuse backgrounds so watch your feeling beat
We all need to glow, give a lap out willingly
The motivation feeling me you finding the healing sit
'Cause all the lights and garbage are not just obeying me
I'm tired to see the golds and dreams crushed on the sealing sing
Average and fear it dictate oh we could be real singed
Eyes open to light a hope is it strolling me
If love was murdered then I guess I'm on the killer screen
If you ever wondered why we are here
No there reason and is finally clear
If you wanna know; simple the word is dark so we're out with glow
Sing with me if you wanna go, go
Ooj, everywhere I go I'm here to glow
I gotta let to k now, I gotta let it show
Singing glow glow.