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King Chip Fresh at My Funeral Lyrics

Last updated: 07/22/2013 08:41:45 PM

Yeah, King Chip up on the ho
Fresh about the liquor store
Swaging, if you didn't know
Yeah, I bet them bitches known
Throw a nigga straight about the hood on Wikipedia
King Chip, fucking lonely up in the media
Straight up out the ghetto with the knowledge of an oracle
Most these rap niggers and some ho's, it's how the story go
Up until age 19, I was very '.
Started at selling raps, ' about the ghetto folks
St. Clair Ave, that's where you get your head buzz
Seen a lot of shit, but when I was young I never said much
Only if I knew you, would I be all on some cool shit
Seen a lot of my niggas dead on the pool pit
I could get my hands on the blam in a heartbeat
Only when you had your fear of death, do you start beef
I'd seen some niggas, getting hundred like some fucking get
Wonder why I have no heart, that's all I known for all my years
Niggas don't make it out my hood, don't know rap shit
Therefore, I am legend, living fantastic
If you roll a nice one, motherfucker pass it!
Light my air max up before you drop the casket.
Yeah, king chip!
If you roll a nice one, motherfucker pass it
Light my air max up before you drop the casket!

GLC, the airs on mister visionary
See my face next to his, I'm in the dictionary!
These pussy ass lames they just can't compare me
My bitches don't complain when they got a Chevy.
I was 16 when I got a Chevy,
Came up from a pat to a fucking heavy
Gospel, talk to apostles
What you know, and who that shit and fuck like'
I know, the truth about you goofy niggas (what?)
Holding niggas balls, y'all some groupie niggas
Flexing definition, ride' niggas
I'll be manifesting' sushi, nigga
Cool out, that same shit I rule out
Chip got it cracking out in Cleveland, so I flew out
Got these hoes going down low, like a' out
I'm about that money and the power, what is you about!

I'm balling' just like John Walk
Bitch, call me the wizard!
Couple years before, you know a nigga had that wizard
White T from the corner store was my shizard
Breaking angles, cross serve, I know that'
Fresh from the' smell the things while I was chilling
I was smoking Kush up in the hotels in Michigan
Where you think I came from? Lil niggas passing town
When you hear G speak, hurry up,
All we do is cash checks, I'll be in them'Jacks
Ten in the rubber banks, no less, I need 90 packs
Blend up an old nigga, tell the ' is fully you
What's your point dumb ass? You ain't never try to shoot!
Niggas saying' play something'
Pussy niggas, what your bet? nigga, I don't need a price.
I keep it' nigga, but it's weekend
Ship said it got it popping, quit traffic, Clevland!

Light my air, light my air bags up before you
Light my air bags up before you
Light my air bags up before you
Light the casket!
Light my air bags
Light my air bags