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The Procussions Foreword Lyrics

Last updated: 09/25/2013 08:34:33 AM

1 2, 1 2 , 1 2, 12 y'all

Through the blogs, max, the floss out text,
Is it progression, is .. leave with no bags,
We need you back ways all ..
Gravitated on to something
Buy you ..from the fast ..
Just call you when the ..
Just regarding when the mind is ..round they go in Panama
I need no .. of em.
..put your .. to minds,
I have to call it quick when the ..

Stayin for the over tour, high by the moon ..
Tryin to make the .. I think you pardon em all
My own target the loss, faith for the market above
Caking the .. take when the ..for the cars
It's time to caking the loss,
A good case for what?
Name on the side of the truck
They never bother with us,
Until we bother and let dollar they trust
One follow the .. dollar enough.

Few radios schemes in
Tv's screens see invading on me
Streams CD's G, you could tell by my outfit,
I ain't selling outfit
G I blame it .. niggas think spell or pronounce it,
This is the G and deary,
If you can hug, then you can hear this,
Now I .. fear has many views when ..
Fear has as many views as ..
Have full of .. need a ..

Hello pick the lane, put your name and put inside of the game full
But watch as .. they don't follow the same rules,
Between the rocking the hard placing, I can't choose,
Trying to find a document that receive for this pay dues,
I made rules, inside of the box, but I can't move,
Looking for the .. lose life but I can't lose
The secret eyes watch with the pocking the verb ..
.. but I learn something watch me.