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Star Anna For Anyone Lyrics

Last updated: 10/19/2013 08:13:31 AM

Bored and hit, pining, like a heavy weight fight
And I'm not feeling like myself tonight
But if the devil moon comes and hits me right
I'll be anyone

And I could've strayed bared back through the home of the brave dragon
Dried up memories of stranger days
Just lay down next to you in a shallow grave
Unmarked by anyone

Chase, you're lost and the rivers' edge
Where they wash believer and they raise the dead
And I built you an altar and I bow my head and cry down for anyone

In the shadow of a dream, I guess I lost my nerve
I was as retched as a saint, leave everything you heard
While I tell you all about it
Right I don't wanna speak a word to anyone

I still got your name scrolled out across my back
I should've known you'd let me bleed like that
I find a brand new disciple when the moon goes black
She'll look like anyone

I've been down in this city of rain
And you ripped right through me like a runaway train
Goddamn, I loved you, now I just wait around for anyone

In the emptiness of morning
You gone, I was bolted to the floor
You've been moving all along, you left me twisted up and tired
With nothing but a song that I don't wanna sing for anyone