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David Dallas Ever Get The Feeling Lyrics

Last updated: 01/15/2014 07:34:17 AM

Back up on my sick now who's dark I got a kick down
ten squaters is the click now, my 15 ain't so quick now
don't trip out, I'm built to lie, still treat to ..
oh shit still advanced take it all away I'm still a star
still on miles I'm just fucking world bro I'm doing chick that rock on my girl bro
some expalanatory, twenty men have called me
we're killing tracks is mandatory then are in my category
bring that shit back for the first I feel like each verse of mine
as a whole I'm all ..just words the rhymes life in the taste lines
I burn the lines, they candy..
don't panic for the pitch I'll turn the blind
now come to realize I'm a ..fine
I roger and floys now you don't wanna bust with boy
make it never stop with the..still right here for the grind up
when the whole wolrd didn't wanna count us
and to regulate and to .. and they go back till they found us
with the whole country in the town up and they found us
I'm chillin spend the time with my lady
have the board on Mercedes
said I would back in Mercedes and I go back in the 80s
young kids just a little bit crazy
just tryin to use what she gave me
and I'm getting close to daily
still plan their old school Jay Z
I'm focused man so am I in pocking hand
aces on deck, put that out in mouth for friends
still I end it up with checks
put that out in mouth for friends still they paid me my respect
if they didn't fuck this see this a bro coming to collect
put that compus on the deck drowing now my circle now
if you ain't in it, you ain't down, fuck the critics fuck the clowns
ain't no limits, ain't no down see me rounding round with my whole crew
that's FNI TDI dirty click I owe it to that pants scrabble
and my home boy pin scizzle
and I tell you what this world I'd give you
but the wrong company get hurt to kill you
choose why I stay loyal to the deff
life's a rollercoaster I'm not done to join the shit yet
let's go!

As a New Zealander and a common David Dallas Fan. I was having a quick read through these lyrics. hearing full and correctly to the lyrics as i can understand the accent. (He's from the same part of town as me)I realised that none of these lyrics even came close to making sense. I am going to go home chuck on my CD and re-write these and upload them. This is hilarious. But whoever wrote these lyrics and published the exact same lyrics on every other lyric's site has to change them. They don't even make sense. Not to mention if D. Dallas ever had a sneaky peak he would piss himself laughing at these. Thanks for the incorrect lyrics it has been a great read. I will post the correct ones shortly. [

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