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Mike Cooley Drinking Coke and Eating Ice Lyrics

Last updated: 12/03/2012 05:30:11 AM

That’s her over in the corner
Drinking coke and eating ice
Twisting her hair over her finger
There’s a memory inside your eyes
The Cigarette machine she’s leaned on
Remembers more than most of us
We hide them both under a blanket
When the health department comes
Four more living in an alley
Separated …
It took walls to drive her crazy
It took space to drive her in

Swimming pools are nice attraction
So are Vicodin and wine
A week-long ocean-front vacation
Feel like a pirate for a time
Every distant destination, never-ending gasoline
Every man its a simple caller
Every simple girl’s a queen
Giant screens of skies exṗloding
Something basic and power chords
We got a preacher if you’re listening
He’ll play his guitar if you’re bored

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