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The Procussions December Lyrics

Last updated: 09/25/2013 08:34:33 AM

In my thousand girls days I wasn't odd at all as girls
Played many betrayed and then decide to make it her away
Ladies love it the way we coming and we popping
Dreamed about this old day hobby dream in the proper
For the tendency of free will, we're meant to be equal
And sweet intelligent and I'm prepared to be for evil
Beggin for her repentance to my repentance
For every men I ever sent her to out sentence
Knew to sacrifice a plea so I'm asking for naive
Though was you that in the past wasn't as half as nice to leave
I had advice to leave but I though I had the leads
Sick and I had to believe
Leave used to covered in shame
How the colors have changed
And all we want from the other remains
A little game but a poor metaphor
Get it not with the box on the floor
From the things I've got before it got right
Spring summer and fall and now I'm not here
Ring summoned it all see how the park is
I think under it all I saw the cops spin
The way I dropped in, it could've bounced back
In 2004 I wrote the soundtrack
Swear I found that strength to break through
And for that pain I thank you

I run the risk
I run the risk cause I done been around that verse
Reminded of the time I shed a tear over the skirt
Already calling out and you
Ain't that funny?
Ain't thought about you in years and here I am
Trying to get away from the adolescence you took from me
Here's what I'll do honey
I'll change your name for the sake of a random song
That's why you're Shelley, I know you hated that
As petty in it for the pity illustration of this
Love we came about the numbers and I wonder why we could
We couldn't see it, in frame but out of focus
It seemed void if the mention what's my motivation
Is that your body or manipulation?
You let me pay for that dollar trick or the revelation??
But I'm in love right?
Or maybe I've been kind of oblivious to loving
What it's really supposed to look like
Till that December night
5 minutes later I never would have noticed the man
Running that stop trying to escape
Till the follow two a quickly man of the same to follow to
But I ain't angry at all and that'[s the honest truth
These women in my cellular phone provide the final truth
Shelly, my inspiration, my muse, my excuse
My inspiration for racks my next view