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Headhunterz Colors Lyrics

Last updated: 08/31/2013 08:39:14 AM

You'll see colors [3x]

This is Hardstyle

You'll see colors [4x]

When you find that life is neither black or white
And the rain outside turns to glory
You'll see colors (colors [8x])

When you mark the sky and the sun comes through
Now your greatest days are ahead of you
You'll see colors (colors [7x])

A spark of light will seize the night
And reach beyond your vivid mind
There's an end to your darkest day
You'll see colors

A race of shame if we don't evolve
Paint your dreams
Fill the sky with art
And ignite with the others
When we see colors

You'll see colors [4x]

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Colors by Headhunterz is released on Aug 31st, 2013