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Boogieman Dela Buy That Sell That Lyrics

Last updated: 02/05/2014 03:50:59 PM


Buy that, sell that,
Run and go tell that
You should watch your gf
She didn't use the air well(?)
1 to the 2 to the 3 5 4

I got that dope boy two step
Diamond supply crew net
Snap back them mashies,
Bitches love it how I do that
62 hundred, just in case you didn't knew that
We on that green light and we bring it where your crew at
Hop back and shoot that, for acting like you're riding
Loose end, where your crew at?
Move with us to move bang, 80', baby,
No new jack, my Mj's got two straps
I still take Biggie over 2Mac
It's the ready rocking boogie man
Run through the hood again, with hoodies on, and (???)
Up to no good again, looking for your goody momma
I heard that she good, so open up!
She let it, so put it in!

I put it down, every single day in town
Fall down, like stepping on a land mine
Your tampon, hustling, got my grims on
Muscle, I got my stacks up, wracked up, 20/12


This is that body, this my new shit
Come try that. Boom, bang, sly shit, snag drum
Plus a high hat. Dirty harmony, cop that
The streets need that. It gets tired of laying,
Ask them where the leak at. I seen a couple of old fiends
They ask you where the blow at. Told them how I had my young ball
He control that. If he got any pro'lems,
I'ma let him hold that. He gon'handle business,
I already know that. Loyalty and trust, respect is a must
Disrepect the code, your head get bust
Slug my song, so we getting 'long
Plus, you love my song? She played it for her mom
Leave niggas in comas for hating on us
We smoking the best, honor from Arizona
We big fish in a pond, y'all niggas tuna
And we all ride out, y'all need a tuna