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DJ Suss One Bronx (Freestyle) Lyrics

Last updated: 01/22/2013 01:19:57 PM

Soon as I get paid for these verses I’m gwapped up
Only time I freestyles with dinero is locked up
I gotta put this on your tab, these rappers far from nice
They gotta get there in the cab
I got some dudes that keep blazin the stash
He look innocent, but he’ll cut like a scab
You get it, when the cut hill is scabbed up
I’m out to break the whole thing down,
Now back up, grind right, limes type
Bubble like sprite, the brox’s back in the limelife
Cause fred, I’m the one spittin lightning
They got no bars, they loose, they make a license

I tell papi not 1, I want 2
I got the burner on the stove lit
Listening to old shit, white t truths
Used to cruise like nicole kid
Men are on the block, bump fred
Soundtrack to the corners when you’re getting that spread
Neutral blue red, it’s neutral getting bread

Happy 2013, every fred verse mean
Bout to drink a glass of money
I don’t eat thirst cream
Dead nights if I die, make my hearse mean.