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Nitty Sott MC Bath Salt (Freestyle) Lyrics

Last updated: 01/29/2013 04:49:15 AM

Now this shit make me wanna eat a rap bitch
No I ain’t a bad bitch and I never had shit
But I’ve been established and I make it back quick
Take a jab to the sad chick, suck a man dick
Drive that base like I bag that beat
Metal with the devil and it’s …kiss
Never gave a fuck like I’m after nick
Now …with a damn casket
Oh you ain’t fuckin with a groupe, touche
Out be to suck a motherfucker with a bouquet
Black kippy with it, all my nigga groove
Feeling gucce and these bitches on a roofe
Mad cause I’m sippin on food chai
Looking like new new cray, soft and a soufle
Know I’m on top like a tupe,
Whose closing up fiasco, lupe
And I stick to my shit, no velcrow
Everybody know we in a place like melrose
Hell froze under my chateau, lip clips to the elbows
Thinking hell no
See it’s all about the details
Couldn’t get a call from my label or an email
With a female, motherfucking retail
Thinking she frale, I’ma derail
I’m turn the tables and you bout to learn
That I light the bridge and I watch it burn
Knock your urn and I’ll block your term
Now pop your …i’m not concerned
Wait, but if I dedicate this
Probably make a funny nigga famous
Great shit stay tryina test patience
But I never let em, never sweat and they faceless
Rather have my people going ape shit
Face lift for the a list pay bitch
Whole world caught up in the matrix
Third eye wide now back to the basics
Roll that weed nigga that’s my shit
Boombox fam nigga that’s my click
Whole rap game nigga that’s my bitch
And I get sick with when I’m in that whip
Ah, nigga catch my drift, kush so strong nigga catch my piff
I don’t buy that sucker shit, so motherfuck the government
Damn, I’m about to go lamb, fuck it if you go
Give a damn if you a lamb
Creep while you sleep we be lurkin in the water
Comin for the slaughter and I’m puffin with your daughter
Ah, it’s a new world order, loony as a goon with a move disorder
Shout out to my true supporters
Packin on them brooklyn corners
Take it straight to the vein, yeah, that blast to the brain
Yeah that acid rain, fly so high I was born on the plane
Always told my niggas I would never play the lame games
But the fame game be the same thang
Road to the riches for the main lane
Started from the bottom so it’s everything the gain main
G’s up, hoes down, nigga bang bang
I don’t give a fuck what you claim or our chain hang
Slang thangs and the whole gang damn sayin
Make your favorite rappers have a name change, haha.