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4by4 Bad Habit Lyrics

Last updated: 02/04/2014 07:08:41 PM

Feat. John Jenova, Jay Rob & Trapp Brannigan

Go and drop that low
Make it wobble, make it wobble

Check, check check
Throw the cake, cake cake
I'm the baker's man
I'm the baker's man
And she looking on me
I met her at the (???)
You do you a sudden of a bottle?
One for this money, two for these hoes
Two for these two bitches bossing in the toes
And this dick 'bout as big as it get
Brother go stupid, I be the (???)
Here's a little place
Don't know why I try it
Need the second base
Hands on the hip, ass
Clappin' to the base, bitches twirkin'
It's a standard place
Get high toed up
Can't get waisted
All you ace head
Haters hate this
When you meet a man clap, you too shake it
Move to your loop
Eyes on a city, twirk it!


Go and do it
Drop your ass like a
Bad habit
All this cash here standing
Girl, you gotta have it!
Drop it like a
Bad habit
You know you gotta have
Bad habits

Drop that ass like a bad habbit
That ass you got, girl, is a bad habbit
I wanna give to you
And if you hot under that umbrella
Come here and put it on my dick
Gone, drop that roll, make it wobble
Lick the rubber,
(Shaking that ass, shaking that ass)
Make it wobble