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J.T. Taylor American Family Lyrics

Last updated: 02/04/2014 07:11:45 PM

As the day was done and
It came without a warning
Came and destruction
Blew our front door open

The tears rolling down my face
Said a prayer for the human race
My head was steaming
So I started screaming


Why, oh, why did it have to be
How could someone be so cruel
God gave us strenght tonight
Helped us gather all our might

So we can keep keeping on our nation


I hope
(American family)
Keep your head up and be strong
(Stay together and hold on)
And we will weather the storm
(It's gonna take you and me)
Take you and me
(The American family)
(A nation, this time)
And we might not let it shut us down

For the lives that we all lost
And for those who feel the pain
The world's gonna make sure
Their lives weren't in vein

And for those responsible
You gonna pay a greater toll
As the days and years go by
You're gonna ask the same question, why?



To the family and friends
I feel your pain
And I feel your loss
Eating everything
On your knees and say a prayer
Show the world that you care
And never will forget them
So everybody, c'mon!
Spread the love all around
Keep your head up
So this country can keep keep keep
Moving on
And when you're sitting at home
Talking at the phone
Don't forget about the lives lost
And when get you get green lights
On the poster nation
And don't forget about the ones who suffer