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Mr.A Alive Lyrics

Last updated: 01/18/2013 06:42:09 AM

I will rise, never fall
I stand tall,
And I will be here
You will see me clear!
I will rise, never fall
You know I stand tall
I will be here

(Verse 1)
For those who don't know, please know my name,
It's the first letter and you know it goes by Mr.A,
I'm just trying to do it, and get the radio play
And get the royalties to my name so you know I get the pay.
I'm just trying to be me, realistically, I want all of you to feel me
Like this was up in 3-D, but I want all of you to hear it clearly!
Like it was a diamond, so you will get this near me.
Ugh I'm just trying to be correct, everything I am is right
So I'm never going left, I'm just trying to take what's left
Out of this game and I'm trying to put myself in this equation
So you know what's's called fame! I'm just trying to get it,
Everything I am is real so just get me the credit, because
I'm trying to pass this class and advance
I'm just trying to be like Adam and be the man understand!

Life that I've been given here,
Won't be clouded my sight is clear
To point the path towards my goals
I want the crowd I want to hear
Them scream my name as I arrive
I've reached success, this star is bright
I know, I know, I know, I know, I know
That I'm alive!

(Verse 2)
As I said before, I will blatantly kill it,
I'm just trying to drop the bass on these people like it is Skrillex,
Because I'm trying to get it like it's "oh my goodness, yeah he did kill it"
So it is good riddance! To this new called thing you say is rap,
Everything you produce is garbage because it's crap,
I'm just trying to throw it out on a Tuesday, no it is a Wednesday,
So you know what I'm bringing back?
I'm bringing back the 90's the 80's
To were it happened so you know that I'm making babies,
They're called Martian music kids, you can't handle them so you drop and split,
Because we separating the peal, so you get a description of what they are
And you know that it's nothing but real.
For this you need a prescription of what you want to see
I am not a star I am an anomaly!


(Verse 3)
Simplicity is key so what I have to do is get the lock out
And I'm a break it so you know it's true. I'm just trying to get in never out,
That's what I'm trying to do so please get the GPS and re-route
To a new direction that is fame, I'm just trying to make a hit
So please get a lame, because I want it to suck a succubus,
So you can go get the pleasure so you know what I'm saying.
I'm a go get it from the get go, I'm a go, go, go gadget
And you know that I flow!
Like it is the water, so call me the Nile, everything I am is real but you're in denial,
Of what I have to do and in what I have to spit,
I'm trying to go sick so you can call it syphilis,
I am a necessity, I'm everything you need and above it,
So to all the rest I am obstructing!

I will rise, never fall
I stand tall,
And I will be here