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Qualmes A.D.D. (Allegory of a Dope Dealer) Lyrics

Last updated: 10/19/2013 08:13:10 AM

Sorry to my mama for selling dope ..
Nobody wanna see 'em coming 'and how the rappers live
I ain't really trust in niggas hope they just 'I can hear the ''s the Heaven for a dope boy
A nigga with no plan B and vision that ain't fits
'my blessing..nigga I was testing '
'my brother learn the halow with a halo in his hands
...that it's insane..on the environment
'and every '
If you ain't in the pain, in addition with this words
You will stay and talking'in picture '
'mon body is out line'candle
And everybody rap with the same fucking story
Niggas try to knock me cuz I stay with some paper
Never need some foul 'I cry for no favors
Got knock on my ass..
Cuz I'll be dam if anybody treat me like a bitch
My own hands stop me never take no shit for a motherfucker jealousy in your position
Young boy listen hit that '
And now you let 'em know where you came from
Cu you got one life so live that shit right
That little money you make it, hate the way you go about it
You got a nice 'never think for a second '
Damn talking on's pretty back like a'
..but it never stop spinning
Sophisticate dealer never stop winning
'never hit the sounds...on guarantee
Broke in the house and never get sound track
I'll be in the studio try to bring poop back
Scream back nigga, fuck ya'll
I see thay 'my eyes, I ain't never die
Try to something or not cuz this a flaking in the street'
...cuz you can get your'
Jealousy is fighting 'talking to her to night
Always an opportunity to spread my move out of side
Cuz when I stay 'they break you down so simple
That's way I keep my plan to myself cuz I'm a mental
Never 'keep it hush no '
Hoping they keep'