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JayOhVee 20 Miles Freestyle Lyrics

Last updated: 03/02/2013 07:58:27 PM

Yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm here, here, here, here
Have no fear, fear, fear

Even if I got high, I still feel grounded
I'm low in the pavement, but the shit that I'll be saying
Got be feeling super sane, so I'm riding to the peak
I'm trying to touch sky, I'm trying to... feet
Little niggas... flame 500 degrees
Little niggas... sick, 500 disease
Once a legendary shit, they gonna shit me deceased!
Like pop, like dealer, like new job beast
Maybe then they can recognize I'm better than them other guys
I'm the shit, see, I attract hell of flies
And I get out of fly, should have bought a better style
All these new kids around, I'm a butterfly raping them
Backing them, making them feel low
Ripping them, flipping them, ripping them willow
But I don't do fuck, I'mma step on like pillows
But now I'm going in mother fucker, dildo!
On peak, esteem, I get paper
See my eyes are super red, I'll be writing rhymes
And my mother freaking eyes bleed never backing down
Even if you rip my spleen
Flow shop like I was splitting off a siren
I can see my ... no help devising!
And I advise them to stay away, for I get violent
When I spit is like a grip to your neck violence
Silence, silence, silence, silence!
I'm rising, I'm rising, I'm rising, I'm rising!

Oh, I never run unless I hear sirens
I'm a gorilla man, you niggas be lying
If I'm lying, do you dying
If you're driving, then I'm flying
Future it to flow, is still real to dough
I do eenie meenie mo just to pick a flow
I see you see the other real lyricist
Our nigga lyricist smack if you ain't feeling this
I'm killing it, sixteen, but super intelligent
You're feeling it, oh you ball, I'm still in it!
It's my time, I'm in my prime
I would never let another person write my rhyme
It's all me, no strings, Wi Fi
Then I ride, touch the sky, like...
Hey momma, I'm a big boy like Andre
Let me do it one time for my... hey, hey, hey
Since a kid, you always...
On Christmas, I always got my monster trucks
Now I'm going in on these kids monstrous
It well be before I do...
Now I'm in I go, back to the flow
I'm just trying to find a pet, I'm a tap whole
And yeah, I'm... see what you mad for
Got a bunch a bad girls that I feel bad for
Go and have mercy on the back bone
... a nigga off like you're playing sex phone
Never gave a hoe the number to my phone
Don't call me, I'll call...
Nigga, I'm on, I'mma drive on
Just trying to get tease, that Pablo
Middle finger to them niggas too mad at it
I flow crack, I check the addicts
And I can never go soft as a bad habbit
JOV and I'm right at it!

Yeah, so out of breath,
Feel like my lungs...
You all feel that like in my whole dying friend
Feel like I just run 20 miles
Around no globe....
Run the whole globe, that's like million miles.