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Paul Marz 16 Bars Lyrics

Last updated: 07/04/2013 07:27:34 PM

Yo, what up this it's Paul Marz this is my 16 bars
Create a master piece, raps from out the factory
There's has to be a tragedy for you too se reality
It's say to see they die with me, won't check my own gallery
I focus on my spirit wile they stress about the salaries
I make my people proud of me, see 'em getting wild for me
Wile they skiming on their brothers with a travesty they make it in a majesty
To clang so rapidly wile I grow gradually, happily
But actually I'm acting ' of any rapper on a match with me
I fly high in the sky to find gravity
They all matters me because I'm always at it, see?
Spectacular, deliver all the dramatically
I'm all mater improse, standing like old me
I leave your back I'm sall you like a statue bee
Stand my ground when the devil tries attack on me
Flipping around in the thing to the sound of beats