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Latest Albums

InMe Album 'Trilogy: Dawn'

Release Date 5/4/2015 TrackList: Creation: Amethyst; Beloved: Seraphia, Seraphia; Trauma: Door Slam Crescendo; Loss: Children Of Exile; Rapture: Land Of The Secret Rose; Amnesty: Bonsai Forest; Chrysalis: Lone Dance In An Empty Train Carriage; Hymn: Ivory Elder; Kindred: For All One Knows; Reverie: Aquarium;

Bars And Melody Album '143'

Release Date 8/28/2015 TrackList: Hopeful; Breathe; Keep Smiling; Stay Young; Complicated; Stay Strong; Just Remember; Don't Look Back; That Girl; 143; Beautiful;

Kierra KiKi Sheard Album 'Graceland'

Release Date 7/22/2014 TrackList: Intro: Spoken Word; 2nd Win; Balm - Interlude; Save Me; Flaws; Kill The Dragon; You Don't Like What You See - Interlude; In You; No Graceland;

Bryson Tiller Album 'T R A P S O U L'

Release Date 10/2/2015 TrackList: Been That Way; Don't; Sorry Not Sorry;

Butcher Babies Album 'Take It Like A Man'

Release Date 8/21/2015 TrackList: Monsters Ball; Igniter; The Cleansing; The Butcher; Thrown Away; Never Go Back; Marquee; Blood Soaked Hero; Dead Man Walking; For The Fight; Blonde Girls All Look The Same;

Rob Thomas Album 'The Great Unknown'

Release Date 8/21/2015 TrackList: I Think We'd Feel Good Together; Trust You; Hold On Forever; Wind It Up; One Shot; The Great Unknown; Absence Of Affection; Things You Said; Paper Dolls; NLYTM; Heaven Help Me; Lie To Me; Pieces;

X Ambassadors Album 'VHS'

Release Date 6/30/2015 TrackList: Renegades; Moving Day (Interlude); Unsteady; Hang On; Gorgeous; Fear; Nervous; Low Life; Adam & Noah's Priorities (Interlude); B.I.G.; Feather; Superpower; Loveless; Jungle; Good News On The Remix (Interlude); Naked; VHS Outro (Interlude);

Red Sun Rising Album 'Polyester Zeal'

Release Date 8/7/2015 TrackList: Push; Amnesia; The Otherside; My Muse; Emotionless; Blister; Worlds Away; Unnatural; Awake; Bliss; Imitation;

Noah Gundersen Album 'Carry The Ghost'

Release Date 8/21/2015 TrackList: Slow Dancer; Halo (Disappear_Reappear); Selfish Art; Show Me The Light; The Difference; Silver Bracelet; I Need A Woman; Jealous Love; Empty From The Start; Blossom; Topless Dancer; Heartbreaker; Planted Seeds; Bonus Tracks; Alright; Running For Cover;

Tatiana Manaois Album 'Lovely'

Release Date 8/1/2015 TrackList: No Better; Be There; Helplessly; That New York Shirt; Choose; Beauty Sings; These Words Written; Speaking Of Love; Mine;

Tatiana Manaois Album 'Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Pain'

Release Date 8/1/2013 TrackList: This Melody; Find Me; Last Time; Difference; If We're Reckless (Stay Love); Understand;

The Struts Album 'Everybody Wants'

Release Date 7/28/2014 TrackList: Roll Up; Could Have Been Me; Kiss This; Put Your Money On Me; She Makes Me Feel; My Machine; You & I; Dirty Sexy Money; Black Swan; Where Did She Go;

Short Stack Album 'Homecoming'

Release Date 8/28/2015 TrackList: Dance With Me; Gravity; Amy; Suburbia;

Short Stack Album 'Dance With Me'

Release Date 4/7/2015 TrackList: Dance With Me; I Don't Wanna Get Better; Hearts On Fire; See You, Space Cowboy;

D.R.A.M. Album '#1Epic EP'

Release Date 3/3/2015 TrackList: Cha Cha; 2$; Mind Gone; $; Erything; Just One; Gotta Go; I Luv It;

2 Chainz Album 'Trap-A-Velli Tre'

Release Date 8/13/2015 TrackList: DJ Bigga Rankin Intro; A Milli Billi Trilli; Everything I Know; Watch Out; BFF; I Feel Like; GOAT; Halo Letter From My Unborn Son; Starter Kit;

2 Chainz Album 'T.R.U. Jack City'

Release Date 1/27/2015 TrackList: Road Dawg; Better Dope; How It Feel; Natural; Makin It Werk; Someone To Love; Trap House Stalkin; Granny; We Fukin It Up; Please Don't; Fuk U Pay Me; Keep It 100; Can't Tell Me Shyt; Foreign; Part 2; Xanny; Bird Bath;

Emma Blackery Album 'Human Behaviour'

Release Date 5/17/2012 TrackList: Eventide; Wisdom Teeth; Glory Days (I Hate You More); Human Behaviour;

Seven Lions Album 'The Throes Of Winter'

Release Date 3/3/2015 TrackList: The End; Lose Myself; December; A Way To Say Goodbye;

Bullet For My Valentine Album 'Venom'

Release Date 8/14/2015 TrackList: No Way Out; Army Of Noise; Worthless; You Want A Battle? (Here's A War); Broken; Venom; The Harder The Heart (The Harder It Breaks); Skin; Hell Or High Water; Pariah; Bonus Tracks; Playing God; Run For Your Life; In Loving Memory (Demo Version); Raising Hell;