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(Juicy J) Yeah, yall know what it is! Katy Perry Juicy J Uh huh, lets rave! (Katy Perry) I knew you were You were gonna come to me And here you are But you better choose carefully Cause I... Im capable of anything Of... Dark Horse Lyrics by Katy Perry

Shine bright like a diamond Shine bright like a diamond Find light in the beautiful sea I choose to be happy You and I, you and I We’re like diamonds in the sky You’re a shooting star I see A vision of ecstasy When... Diamonds Lyrics by Rihanna

If you leave this time I feel that youll be gone for good So I hold on like leaves and fall to what is left Said her father left her young and He said hell be back with that same Song that you just said youll... Autumn Leaves Lyrics by Chris Brown

Rocket no.9, take off to the planet To the planet Venus Aphrodite lady, seashell bikini Garden panty, Venus Lets blast off to a new dimension In your bedroom, blameless Aphrodite lady, seashell bikini Get with... Venus Lyrics by Lady Gaga

Mike: (yeah) (yo) You were that foundation Never gonna be another one, no. I followed, so taken so conditioned I could never let go Then sorrow, then sickness then the shock when you flip it on me So hollow, so... Lost In The Echo Lyrics by Linkin Park

I killed my former and Left her in the trunk on Highway 10 Put the knife under the hood If you find it Send it straight to Hollywood Ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha... Aura Lyrics by Lady Gaga

Throw it up….Woo hoo You’re pretty baby, but you know that Wish I could bring ya, across the map I can feel it in the air that it’s on tonight I don’t really care if it’s wrong or right Petal to the metal baby... Windows Down Lyrics by Big Time Rush

I saw YES, live, last year, and they played Awaken. It was perfect. YES is my number one favorite band,for 40 years. This one is an absolute masterpiece, perhaps better than The Gates of Delirium; Heart... Sam reviewed Awaken Lyrics, the song performed by Yes.

This song, is actually one of the saddest songs I have ever heard. It's about the troubles that a young, disfigured creature has been living with for all of its life. It has no friends, no family, and nobody... Troy Taylor reviewed CatDog Lyrics, the song performed by TV Theme Songs.

HAHA For the person who commented below "Daniel RadCliffe rapped it" - that was Blackalicious' Alphabet Aerobics. Thanks for the laugh, that was better than the song. My dad was a biochemist, he played... Riz reviewed The Elements Lyrics, the song performed by Tom Lehrer.

How can a review b anything but "ELECTRIFING"!!!! Just like any doors song! They r on a diff level from anything. Never since I'm 8yts old has any band been able to literally run thru me & bring me to my... '#1 doors fan reviewed People Are Strange Lyrics, the song performed by The Doors.

I've seen a lot of hostility in the reviews of this song about whether it's about a girl who worked her boyfriend to the bone or about being an addict, and I'm glad y'all have opinions about it, but should... Anonymous reviewed Girl Lyrics, the song performed by The Beatles.

I may be the happiest person in this world if I see you.All I wish is that to see you.If someone discourage me to hate just because you are using your boyfriend to write songs,well I will not listen no... mildred pli reviewed the album Fearless performed by Taylor Swift.

I`ve read most of the comments saying there wasn't a genocide. It's incredible that in XXI century people still believe that it didn't happened. Sorry for the turkish romantic people here, but the story... Anonymous reviewed Holy Mountains Lyrics, the song performed by System of a Down.

All of the songs in this album really work miracles for me .Not a day goes by that I don't listen to nearly all of them. These deep and meaningful songs have changed the way I view most all things In life,... Justin B. reviewed the album Comatose performed by Skillet.

Child singer Amira Willighagen also makes a very beautyfull version of this great song. You can find it in her CD. Although she is only ten years old she is up to the bests singers.... atormar reviewed Nella Fantasia Lyrics, the song performed by Sarah Brightman.

Rich homie quan I love you !!! Thank you for all the music you made and featured in cause i never miss one. Your music and story inspires me to keep following my dreams and acting. ... Mrs. Lamar reviewed the artist(band) Rich Homie Quan.

Just saw Restless Heart in Nashville at Gaylord's Opryland Hotel and LOVED every moment of their performance. So glad to know they are still singing together. Thanks for a wonderful evening ofusic; but... Lynn reviewed the artist(band) Restless Heart.

Spanish Dancer is one of the most touching songs I ever heard. I was born in 1960 and so I grew listening to many , many artist. My brother made me a disc with Spanish Dancer on it and I knew it was incredible... Anthony Michael Pastucha (anthony Michael) reviewed Spanish Dancer Lyrics, the song performed by Patti Scialfa.

Let me first this by saying 'I love One Direction' I really mean that. Even they are strangers, I fell inlove with strangers HAHAHA But those strangers really stole my heart, those strangers makes me believe... Marnie Pulido reviewed the album Up All Night performed by One Direction.

I've always been a huge fan of Extreme, and played the video of More than Words over and over....still does. Saw Kings of Chaos last night (30th Nov) at Sun City (South Africa). What a blast and privilege... LIZETTE reviewed the artist(band) Nuno Bettencourt.

This song had a start like most of Isaac Brock's songs, it starts with things that are sad and true that life isn't fair and that no one will honor you when you die, but his song takes a turn, a powerful... Isaiah towers reviewed Lives Lyrics, the song performed by Modest Mouse.

indeed Gods words have internal life and hope.everytime i listen too this song i feel at peace.i feel blessed,each time i listen to this song i know God is by my jesus name Amen... Kone Makhado reviewed Ancient Words Lyrics, the song performed by Michael W. Smith.

This song is so true because just about every woman in this world has experienced being in love with an individual and something had happened in their relationship that had caused the woman think to herself... Mama Love reviewed Get To Know You Better Lyrics, the song performed by Mary J. Blige.

The writer truly expressed the feeling of a loving person toward his soul mate , that he choses Her over all other types of compfort , the unity with her gives him altemate please As he doesn't want to... Luna reviewed Just Hold Me Lyrics, the song performed by Maria Mena.

I think it's the most inspirational song that reminds me so much of my life, it brings tears to my eyes! It's like kid rock knew all my life and decided to write a song regarding my life.... Robert barber reviewed Only God Knows Why Lyrics, the song performed by Kid Rock.

When my niece came into my life her dad only wanted her to be called Jessica. I sang this song to her all the time. She chose to be called Jessie much to his dismay. Her father moved away when she was little... Aunt Carol reviewed Jessie Lyrics, the song performed by Joshua Kadison.

I have enjoyed every one of John McDermott's performances. I have been to about 4 of them. He interacts so well with the audience and I love his personal stories that sometimes inspired some of his songs.... Helen reviewed the artist(band) John McDermott.

Iggy was a hard working girl from Australia.Her dream was to be a rapper in the USA.So she flew to America.And went to as many record labels as she could until she could become a rapper.... acpuyolp reviewed the artist(band) Iggy Azalea.

I heard of five songs on this album but I was looking forward to downloading the whole album and buying iton Amazon and other websites to thank you have a great day... La'mier Owens reviewed the album Free Yourself performed by Fantasia Barrino.

It is a beautiful song that reminds us that Christmas isn't just about getting presents. It gives us a picture of Christmas without chaos but instead filled with love, care, trust and forgiveness. Absolutely... Metal-head reviewed Mistletoe And Wine Lyrics, the song performed by Cliff Richard.

Whatta beautiful and inspirational song! I really inspired with this song. And thanks that i have downloaded it from you tube. This song is a certified Nominated in Chris Classic Hits Collection Top 100 Sad Beautiful... Chris Alarcon reviewed Love Is My Decision Lyrics, the song performed by Chris De Burgh.