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Public Enemy Album 'Man Plans God Laughs'

Release Date 8/7/2015 TrackList: No Sympathy From The Devil; Me To We; Man Plans God Laughs; Give Peace A Damn; Those Who Know Know Who; Honky Talk Rules; Mine Again; Lost In Space Music; Corplantationopoly; Earthizen; Praise The Loud;

Drake Album 'Views From The 6'

Release Date 7/1/2015 TrackList: 0 To 100 / The Catch Up; Go Out Tonight; Heat Of The Moment; How About Now; On A Wave;

Drake Album 'If You're Reading This It's Too Late'

Release Date 4/21/2015 TrackList: Legend; Energy; 10 Bands; Know Yourself; No Tellin'; Madonna; 6 God; Star67; Preach; Wednesday Night Interlude; Used To; 6 Man; Now & Forever; Company; You & The 6; Jungle; 6PM In New York; Bonus Tracks; 6PM In New York; My Side;

We Came As Romans Album 'We Came As Romans'

Release Date 7/24/2015 TrackList: Regenerate; Who Will Pray?; The World I Used To Know; Memories; Tear It Down; Blur; Savior Of The Week; Flatline; Defiance; 12:30;

Metro Station Album 'Savior'

Release Date 6/30/2015 TrackList: Savior; Getting Over You; Better Than Me; Married in Vegas; Used by You; Give Me Your Love; Wake Up; Pretty Little Liar; Liquid Courage; Still Party; Get it On; Runaway; Deadly on the Dance Floor; Pop Princess; Burn With You; Devil in Disguise; Ride or Die; One Night;

Metro Station Album 'Gold'

Release Date 10/14/2014 TrackList: Love & War; She Likes Girls; Gold; Forever Young; Play It Cool;

Harem Scarem Album 'Thirteen'

Release Date 12/9/2014 TrackList: Garden Of Eden; Live It; Early Warning Signs; The Midnight Hours; Whatever It Takes; Saints And Sinners; All I Need; Troubled Times; Never Say Never; Stardust;

Harem Scarem Album 'Hope'

Release Date 6/25/2008 TrackList: Watch Your Back; Time Bomb; Hope; Days Are Numbered; Dark Times; Beyond Repair; Never Too Late; Shooting Star; Calm Before The Storm; Nothing Without You;

Harem Scarem Album 'Human Nature'

Release Date 11/21/2006 TrackList: Human Nature; Next Time Around; Caught Up In Your World; Reality; Hanging On; Don't Throw It Away; Give Love / Get Love; 21; Starlight; Going Under; Tomorrow May Be Gone;

Harem Scarem Album 'Overload'

Release Date 5/17/2005 TrackList: Dagger; Afterglow; Rise & Fall; Don't Come Easy; Can't Live With You; Forgive & Forget; All You're Getting; Leading Me On; Understand You; Same Mistakes;

Harem Scarem Album 'Higher'

Release Date 9/15/2003 TrackList: Reach; Waited; Torn Right Out; Give It To You; Higher; Run And Hide; Lucky Ones; Lies; Gone; Lost;

Harem Scarem Album 'Ultra Feel'

Release Date 2/28/2001 TrackList: Another Nail For My Heart; Hopeless; In The End; Running Away; Spinning Around; Happiness; No Doubt; Over The Edge; Forgive; Everything You Do;

Harem Scarem Album 'Rubber'

Release Date 10/26/1999 TrackList: It's Gotta Be; Sunshine (Re-Mix); Who-Buddy; Stuck With You; Coming Down; Headache; Pool Party; Trip; Face It; Everybody Else;

Harem Scarem Album 'Big Bang Theory'

Release Date 7/5/1998 TrackList: Turn Around; Wasted Time; So Blind; Without You; Climb The Gate; What I Do; Sometimes I Wish; New Religion; Lying; In My State Of Mind;

Harem Scarem Album 'Voice Of Reason'

Release Date 9/25/1995 TrackList: Voice Of Reason; Blue; Warming A Frozen Rose; Let It Go; And That's All; Breathing Sand; Candle; The Paint Thins; I'll Be Brief; Untouched; Necessary Evil;

Harem Scarem Album 'Harem Scarem'

Release Date 8/6/1991 TrackList: Hard To Love; Distant Memory; With A Little Love; Honestly; Love Reaction; Slowly Slipping Away; All Over Again; Don't Give Your Heart Away; How Long; Something To Say;

This Century Album 'Soul Sucker'

Release Date 4/14/2015 TrackList: Soul Sucker; Night Owl; Heaven; Seven;

Chinx Drugz Album 'Welcome To JFK'

Release Date 8/14/2015 TrackList: Yay; How To Get Rich; On Your Body;

The Score Album 'The Score EP 2'

Release Date 10/1/2014 TrackList: Better Than One; Lost You; Fall For Me; In The Dark; Real Life;

The Score Album 'The Score'

Release Date 7/1/2014 TrackList: Dancing Shoes; Til The Stars Burn Blue; Haunted; Don't Wanna Wake Up; This Beating Heart;