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Latest Albums

Dean Brody Album 'Gypsy Road'

Release Date 4/28/2015 TrackList: Upside Down; Hillbilly; Love Would Be Enough; Trail In Life;

Iyaz Album 'Aurora'

Release Date 4/21/2015 TrackList: One Million; Words I Thoughts I'd Never Say;

Blur Album 'The Magic Whip'

Release Date 4/28/2015 TrackList: Lonesome Street; New World Towers; Go Out; Ice Cream Man; Thought I Was A Spaceman; I Broadcast; My Terracotta Heart; There Are Too Many Of Us; Ghost Ship; Pyongyang; Ong Ong; Mirrorball;

Thompson Twins Album 'Ether'

Release Date 2/27/1996 TrackList: The Circle; Just Like You; Sun; Love Has No Name; Dark; Tower; Hold The Sky; Into Ether;

Thompson Twins Album 'The Stone'

Release Date 3/8/1994 TrackList: The Downward Pull of Heaven's Force; Tribe; You Kill Me; Spirit; Take Me Away; The Stone; Beautiful; Space; Sunray Dub; Drive;

Thompson Twins Album 'Queer'

Release Date 9/24/1991 TrackList: Come Inside; Flower Girl; My Funky Valentine; Queer; Groove On; Strange Jane; Shake It Down; Wind It Up; Flesh And Blood; The Invisible Man; The Saint;

Thompson Twins Album 'Big Trash'

Release Date 9/26/1989 TrackList: Sugar Daddy; Queen Of The USA; Bombers In The Sky; This Girl's On Fire; TV On; Big Trash; Salvador Dali's Car; Rock This Boat; Dirty Summer's Day; Love Jungle; Wild;

Thompson Twins Album 'Close To The Bone'

Release Date 3/31/1987 TrackList: Follow Your Heart; Bush Baby; Get That Love; Twentieth Century; Long Goodbye; Still Waters; Savage Moon; Gold Fever; Dancing In Your Shoes; Perfect Day;

Thompson Twins Album 'Here's To Future Days'

Release Date 9/17/1985 TrackList: Don't Mess With Dr. Dream; Lay Your Hands On Me; Future Days; You Killed The Clown; Revolution; King For A Day; Love Is The Law; Emperor's Clothes (Part 1); Tokyo; Breakaway;

Thompson Twins Album 'Into The Gap'

Release Date 2/17/1984 TrackList: Doctor! Doctor!; You Take Me Up; Day After Day; Sister Of Mercy; No Peace For The Wicked; The Gap; Hold Me Now; Storm On The Sea; Who Can Stop The Rain?;

Thompson Twins Album 'Quick Step & Side Kick'

Release Date 2/1/1983 TrackList: Love On Your Side; Lies; If You Were Here; Judy Do; Tears; Watching; We Are Detective; Kamikaze; Love Lies Bleeding; All Fall Out;

Thompson Twins Album 'Set'

Release Date 2/26/1982 TrackList: In The Name Of Love; Living In Europe; Bouncing; Good Gosh; The Rowe; Runaway; Another Fantasy; Fool's Gold; Crazy Dog; Blind;

Thompson Twins Album 'A Product Of... (Participation)'

Release Date 6/1/1981 TrackList: When I See You; Politics; Slave Trade; Could Be Her, Could Be You; Make Believe; Don't Go Away; The Price; Anything Is Good Enough; A Product Of; Perfect Game;

Zella Day Album 'Kicker'

Release Date 6/2/2015 TrackList: Jerome; High; Ace Of Hearts; 1965; East Of Eden; Hypnotic; Mustang Kids; The Outlaw Josey Wales; Jameson; Shadow Preachers; Sweet Ophelia; Compass;

Built To Spill Album 'Untethered Moon'

Release Date 4/21/2015 TrackList: All Our Songs; Living Zoo; On The Way; Some Other Song; Never Be The Same; C.R.E.B.; Another Day; Horizon To Cliff; So; When I'm Blind;

Ultravox Album 'U-Vox'

Release Date 9/22/2009 TrackList: Same Old Story; Sweet Surrender; Dream On; The Prize; All Fall Down; Time To Kill; Moon Madness; Follow Your Heart; All In One Day; Dreams?;

Ultravox Album 'Brilliant'

Release Date 6/5/2012 TrackList: Live; Flow; Brilliant; Change; Rise; Remembering; Hello; One; Fall; Lie; Satellite; Contact;

Ultravox Album 'Ingenuity'

Release Date 2/22/2005 TrackList: Ingenuity; There Goes A Beautiful World; Give It All Back; Future Picture Forever; The Silent Cries; Distance; Ideals; Who'll Save You; A Way Out. A Way Through; Majestic;

ICP (Insane Clown Posse) Album 'The Marvelous Missing Link: Lost'

Release Date 4/28/2015 TrackList: Apocalypse; Confederate Flag; Vomit; You Should Know;

Major Lazer Album 'Peace Is The Mission'

Release Date 6/1/2015 TrackList: Be Together; Too Original; Blaze Up The Fire; Lean On; Powerful; Light It Up; Roll Te Bass; Night Riders; All My Love;