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Janet Jackson News - Janet Jackson Drops 'Burn It Up''

American diva Janet Jackson contiues to promote her eleventh studio album "Unbreakable". She dropped a club-ready song "BURNITUP!" featuring Missy Elliott. Its just a week away from the release of the album.Jackson...

Ciara News - Ciara Cover "Paint It Back"'

Ciara recorded a new track for Vin Diesels next movie "The Last Witch Hunter". This song is a cover of the classic Rolling Stones with the same name, released in 1966. We cant hear too much of the song....

Demi Lovato News - "Confident" Is Officially Demi Lovato's Next Single'

The Demi Lovatos full version song "Confident" appeared online on August 23. It is reportedly the next to be released from Lovatos upcoming fifth studio album with Island/Hollywood Records. "Confident" is...

Disclosure News - Disclosure Debut "Hourglass" at BBC Radio 1'

Before two weeks until Disclosure release this new album Caracall, today, the Lawrence brothers shared the studio version of "Hourglass", a collaboration with Lion Babe. "This is the first time I have done...

Lana Del Rey News - Lana Del Rey's New Song "Music To Watch Boys To" Surfaced On The Internet'

Lana Del Reys thrid studio album Honeymoon is out 9/18 via Interscope. After teasing the latest track "Music to Watch Boys To" by Lana Del Ray herself, the crew at Beats 1 and Apple premiered the track...

Duran Duran News - Lindsay Lohan Spearking in Duran Duran's "Danceophobia"'

The the iconic 80s group Duran Durans new album, Paper Gods, is scheduled for release on September 11. Lindsay Lohan will appear on the groups upcoming release after a text message exchange with frontman...

Nick Jones News - Nick Jones Brought "Under You" to Hershey Theatre'

After premiered new single “Under You” at the iHeart Media Summit in Burbank, California on August 4, Nick Jones performed it at Hershey Theatre again. It is the lead single form his debut solo self-titled...

Electric Six Album 'Mimicry And Memories: Disc 2 - Memories'

Release Date 9/12/2015 TrackList: Intro From "Exterminate" Tour; Dance Epidemic (XFM Session); Typical Sagittarius; The Sheik Don't Lie; Taxi 2 Nowhere (Demo); Shortlove; Night Vision (Demo); One; I Don't Speak French (Demo); I Can Translate; My Struggle With Heroin; Free Samples (Demo); Badass; Gay Bar (Live At Manumission); The Warrior; Dancing Like An Idiot (Demo); Technical Difficulties; Slices Of You (Demo); Turn It Up (Demo); Strike While The Iron Is Hot (Demo); Ziggy; Fucking In Another Man's Clothes; Suitcases; Wikileaks;

Electric Six Album 'Mimicry And Memories: Disc 1 - Mimicry'

Release Date 9/1/2015 TrackList: I Got The Six; Easy Lover; Ah! Leah!; Cat People; Do You Love Me?; Buckingham Green; Everywhere; The Look; The Girls Want To Be With The Girls; Stuck In A Closet With Vanna White; Rockets; Turn Me Loose;

Electric Six Album 'Human Zoo'

Release Date 10/14/2014 TrackList: Karate Lips; It's Horseshit!; Alone With Your Body; Satanic Wheels; Gun Rights; I've Seen Rio In Flames; (Who The Hell Just) Call My Phone; I Need A Restaurant; Worst Movie Ever; I'm The Devil; Good View Of The Violence; The Afterlife;

Electric Six Album 'Mustang'

Release Date 10/8/2013 TrackList: Nom De Plume; Jessica Dresses Like A Dragon; Show Me What Your Lights Mean; Adam Levine; Cranial Games; The New Shampoo; Iron Dragon; Late Night Obama Food; I Never Fucked Her; Miss Peaches Wears An Iron Dress; Unnatural Beauty; Gimme The Eyes; Skin Traps; Cheryl Vs. Darryl;

Madchild Album 'Silver Tongue Devil'

Release Date 7/24/2015 TrackList: Untold Story; Night Time Kill; Devils And Angels; Lose My Mind; SLUT; Everytime; Mental; Painful Skies; Jackel; Triple Threat; Electricity; 50 Seven; Don't Stop; Slayer; Zero;

Madchild Album 'Switched On'

Release Date 9/30/2014 TrackList: White Knuckles; Amadeus; Switched On; Iran; Never Die; Hellbound; Tom Cruise; On One; Blitzkrieg; Act My Age; Bonus Tracks; Black Belt; Drugs In My Pocket; Gremlin; Tiger Blood; Broken Mirror; Out Of My Head; Under A Spell; Good Crazy;

Madchild Album 'Lawn Mower Man'

Release Date 8/6/2013 TrackList: Crazy; Tiger Style; Nature Of The Beast; Chainsaw; Prefontaine; It Gets Better; Lawn Mower Man; Last Emperor; FTW; Good Vs. Evil; Coal Mine; Kill Kill Kill; Blood Beast; Underground King;

Madchild Album 'Dope Sick'

Release Date 8/28/2012 TrackList: Devil's Reject; Grenade Launcher; Monster; Runaway; Wake Up; Battleaxe; Jitters; Little Monster Blend; Judgment Day; Dickhead; Fuck Madchild; Mongoloid; Freak; Reaper; Wanted;

DJ Mustard Album '10 Summers: The Mixtape Vol.1'

Release Date 9/1/2015 TrackList: Body Count; Shooters; Tool; Trippin' Off Hoes; I Be Wit; All About You; Ice Cream; Love; Down Love;

Patty Griffin Album 'Servant Of Love'

Release Date 9/25/2015 TrackList: Servant Of Love; Gunpowder; Good And Gone; Hurt A Little While; 250,000 Miles; Made Of The Sun; Everything's Changed; Rider Of Days; There Isn't One Way; Noble Ground; Snake Charmer; You Never Asked Me; Shine A Different Way;

Kurt Vile Album 'B'lieve I'm Goin Down...'

Release Date 9/25/2015 TrackList: Pretty Pimpin; Dust Bunnies; That's Life, Tho (Almost Hate To Say); Wheelhouse; Life Like This; All In A Daze Work; Lost My Head There; Stand Inside; Kidding Around; Wild Imagination;

Silversun Pickups Album 'Better Nature'

Release Date 9/25/2015 TrackList: Cradle (Better Nature); Connection; Pins And Needles; Friendly Fires; Nightlight; Circadian Rhythm (Last Dance); Tapedeck; Latchkey Kids; Ragamuffin; The Wild Kind;

Mindless Self Indulgence Album 'Pink'

Release Date 9/18/2015 TrackList: Personal Jesus; This Hurts; Be Like Superman; Memory of Heaven; Vanity; Married Alive; Girls On Film; 5TR82HE11; Envy; Device; Out of My Minds; Darling Young Boyz; For The Love Of God; Slim; Do Unto Others; Bed of Roses; Unsociable; Do Unto Others Part 2; Angry Boy;

UNKLE Album 'Where Did The Night Fall - Another Night Out'

Release Date 4/19/2011 TrackList: Disc: 1; Nowhere; Follow Me Down; Natural Selection; Joy Factory; The Answer; On a Wire; Falling Stars; Heavy Drug; Caged Bird; Ablivion; Disc: 2; Somewhere; In My Mind; Money and Run; The Dog is Back; Only the Lonely; Wash the Love Away; Sunday Song; With You in My Head; Country Tune; Not a Sound;

Wolf Alice Album 'My Love Is Cool'

Release Date 6/23/2015 TrackList: Turn To Dust; Bros; Your Loves Whore; Moaning Lisa Smile; You're A Germ; Lisbon; Silk; Freazy; Giant Peach; Swallowtail; Soapy Water; Fluffy; The Wonderwhy;

Gabrielle Aplin Album 'Light Up The Dark'

Release Date 9/25/2015 TrackList: Light Up The Dark; Skeleton; Fools Love; Slip Away; Sweet Nothing; Heavy Heart; Shallow Love; Anybody Out There; Hurt; Together; What Did You Do?; A While; Bonus Tracks; Don't Break Your Heart On Me; This Side Of The Moon; Coming Home; Letting You Go; The House We Never Built; You Don't Like Dancing; A Case Of You;

Heather Nova Album 'The Way It Feels'

Release Date 9/1/2015 TrackList: Treehouse; Sea Glass; The Archaeologist; Girl On The Mountain; Sleeping Dogs; Sea Change; This Humanness; Moon River Days; Bonus Tracks; Earth Is My Heaven; Serengeti;

Karen Clark-Sheard Album 'Destined To Win'

Release Date 7/17/2015 TrackList: The Who Doesn't Matter; Destined To Win; The Resurrection; Sunday A.M.; Only Call On Jesus; My Words Have Power; Already Looking Better; The Worst Is Over; My God Is Big; We Acknowledge You;

Powerwolf Album 'Blessed & Possessed'

Release Date 7/17/2015 TrackList: Blessed & Possessed; Dead Until Dark; Army Of The Night; Armata Strigoi; We Are The Wild; Higher Than Heaven; Christ & Combat; Sanctus Dominus; Sacramental Sister; All You Can Bleed; Let There Be Night;

Powerwolf Album 'Preachers Of The Night'

Release Date 7/19/2013 TrackList: Amen & Attack; Secrets Of The Sacristy; Coleus Sanctus; Sacred & Wild; Kreuzfeuer; Cardinal Sin; In The Name Of God (Deus Vult); Nochnoi Dozor; Lust For Blood; Extatum Et Oratum; Last Of The Living Dead;