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If you leave this time I feel that youll be gone for good So I hold on like leaves and fall to what is left Said her father left her young and He said hell be back with that same Song that you just said youll... Autumn Leaves Lyrics by Chris Brown

Rocket no.9, take off to the planet To the planet Venus Aphrodite lady, seashell bikini Garden panty, Venus Lets blast off to a new dimension In your bedroom, blameless Aphrodite lady, seashell bikini Get with... Venus Lyrics by Lady Gaga

Mike: (yeah) (yo) You were that foundation Never gonna be another one, no. I followed, so taken so conditioned I could never let go Then sorrow, then sickness then the shock when you flip it on me So hollow, so... Lost In The Echo Lyrics by Linkin Park

I killed my former and Left her in the trunk on Highway 10 Put the knife under the hood If you find it Send it straight to Hollywood Ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha... Aura Lyrics by Lady Gaga

Throw it up….Woo hoo You’re pretty baby, but you know that Wish I could bring ya, across the map I can feel it in the air that it’s on tonight I don’t really care if it’s wrong or right Petal to the metal baby... Windows Down Lyrics by Big Time Rush

Liam: Youre insecure Dont know what for Youre turning heads when you walk through the door Dont need make up To cover up Being the way that you are is enough Harry: Everyone else in the room can see it Everyone... What Makes You Beautiful Lyrics by One Direction

Rage Born to rage Born to rage What if your heart says you ain’t got nothing to lose What if your heart says What if your heart says never play by the rules Yeahhhhhh What if your heart says don’t have a... Born To Rage Lyrics by Dada Life

I always interpreted this song as Rita being gay. She looked like a military man, paid for dinner, and wouldn't give it up. What sane, heterosexual woman would not give it up for Paul McCartney? And I don't... Kathleen reviewed Lovely Rita Lyrics, the song performed by The Beatles, Read.

why do u think that the person was injured? i didn't get that part... war veteran - yes i got it, but why injured? humm? can u liSten that up for me please - English is not my mother language and i may be wrong... bs reviewed Replica Lyrics, the song performed by Sonata Arctica, Read.

Brace your self, this song will take you back in time,the world was a much different place when this song came out.Those old memories will flood your mind and perhaps,bring a tear!... Mark A Hughes reviewed LITTLE TOY TRAINS Lyrics, the song performed by Roger Miller, Read.

My teenaged son is always wanting me to listen to "his" music, which I call screamo. He promised me I would like this song and I listened grudgingly. Wow! What a beautiful song! I actually find it somewhat... A Mom reviewed Swing Life Away Lyrics, the song performed by Rise Against, Read.

For every crucified individual, his people rejected him and would not even like to be associated with him. He is left alone in the cold. The gruesome cold of death fought Jesus so that I would share in... Ven. David E. Agbo reviewed Above All Lyrics, the song performed by Michael W. Smith, Read.

My mom died of heart attack many years back wen he heard my dad hav married and had another child outside, father snt us out of his house after my mother dead, in wherever you are i still luv u father,... My name is Akande oluwole reviewed Remember Me Lyrics, the song performed by Lucky Dube, Read.

I LOVE Lil Boosie he my life I look up to I even play basketball to stay out of trouble I live with my grandma I got all his albums and CD and I'm only 12 but I got so many raps and ready to be the future... Anonymous reviewed the artist(band) Lil' Boosie, Read.

Genius. Absolute genius. The perfect anthem to listen to while i play Minecraft on ps4 with my main man Sam Davey. The vibes provide inspiration to me. Wait, do i feel something tickling me? STOP, STOP... Tom Brierley reviewed Forgive Them Father Lyrics, the song performed by Lauryn Hill, Read.

It has always happened to me: The music of Judas is excellent, no doubt of it. But hearing that major quality, i tend to expect a great lyric. In several cases i got dissapointed with this matter, except... paul reviewed Judas Rising Lyrics, the song performed by Judas Priest, Read.

I like the duo close, when she goes, "aooooee, ride the tiger." However, the not Marty Ballin Group says, " it's like a tear in the hand of a western man, will tell u bout a song, a song of the (strong)... kathi m. lennon 1 reviewed Ride The Tiger Lyrics, the song performed by Jefferson Starship, Read.

Haven't I made it clear that I hate you? No, goddamn, it has nothing to do w them!I understand it was just like Grace, "you're not sure how long i might stay with u, when u put up any award i may have of... Kathi A White reviewed the artist(band) Jefferson Starship, Read.

This is such a good song! She has an incredible voice! I heard this somewhere and had to search the Internet to find it! Immediately downloaded it! ... Anonymous reviewed 1 2 3 4 Lyrics, the song performed by Feist, Read.

Dear Jon, You sent your brother on the Epic to look after me. He was nice. I was drawn to him. I noticed he had a Jersey accent. I said, "Are you from Jersey?" He avoided my question. There was always this... Julie Nash reviewed the artist(band) Bon Jovi & Jon Bon Jovi, Read.

My Aunt is The girl in that song. You, see my Aunt went to school with Billy and a few years later he wrote the song and My aunt was a little mad at him. Then one day Billy asked her for Lunch and my Aunt... Jack Callahan reviewed Only The Good Die Young Lyrics, the song performed by Billy Joel, Read.

my favorite songs on the album are Flaws and Oblivion. I would like it if these 2 songs were played everyday, until the day I die. Thank you. And my note to Bastille, is stop being so fucking beautiful... 420 reviewed the album Bad Blood performed by Bastille, Read.

My science teacher offered us 100 points of extra credit if we learned the song and so i learned it in less than 2 days and didn't do anything the rest and still had enough extra credit points to give me... Anonymous reviewed The Elements Lyrics, the song performed by Tom Lehrer, Read.


I love the song, how it goes on so easily. I dont know how important it is to know if it was for his wife or for his friend, but when I listen to the song I feel instant joy for life and love for the simple... eva reviewed Two of Us Lyrics, the song performed by The Beatles, Read.

Wow, what a piece. What. A. Piece. This song provided a light for me for when i was blind, it gave me a map for when i was lost and gave me a whole new way of looking at life. The Lord's message rings power... Zeeshan Ali reviewed Forgive Them Father Lyrics, the song performed by Lauryn Hill, Read.

such a good song omg gets me so emosh. love listening to it on the 464 with it blasting out my skull candy headphones. feel the song really suits me when i wear my nike joggers and my reebok classics. THANK... georgia cornell reviewed Forgive Them Father Lyrics, the song performed by Lauryn Hill, Read.

This is a great song. I feel it verse about never being satisfied, or maybe has a subliminal message linked with existentialism. It has some dark and contundent form. I find it amazing. Judas Priest, we... pul reviewed The Rage Lyrics, the song performed by Judas Priest, Read.

Taking the lyrics at face value: he had a sexual indiscretion the night before because he was indecisive about staying true to one girl vs living free and he succumbs to the heat of the moment. he fears... neil reviewed 11am Lyrics, the song performed by Incubus, Read.

It doesn't matter the age of a song, or even the who wrote it; but why. Thorntree in the garden represents the condition of a lover's heart: the garden is his heart. The thorntree is the experience... Richard Zep Rodriguez reviewed THORN TREE IN THE GARDEN Lyrics, the song performed by Eric Clapton, Read.

This song is beautiful nice and alive . Every time I hear it or sing I feel the pain the love . These are good lyrics and I am a big fan of Delta . I really enjoy listening to this song ... Camille reviewed Almost Here Lyrics, the song performed by Delta Goodrem, Read.

Battle lines draw, the word "done" sounds like a satirical way of saying that political philosophy then was to stop the protests and prove a point. My POV is the the National Guard was tired from just dealing... Rich Blanco reviewed Ohio Lyrics, the song performed by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Read.