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Latest Albums

American Authors Album 'Oh What A Life'

Release Date 3/3/2014 TrackList: Believer; Think About It; Best Day Of My Life; Luck; Trouble; Hit It; Home; Love; Heart Of Stone; Ghost; Oh, What A Life;

Unspoken Album 'Unplugged'

Release Date 5/18/2015 TrackList: Broken Man (Acoustic); Start A Fire (Acoustic); Tell Somebody (Acoustic); Call It Grace (Acoustic); Who You Are (Acoustic); Green Light (Acoustic); Good Fight (Acoustic); Lift My Life Up (Acoustic); Born With A Broken Heart (Acoustic); Solid Rock (Acoustic);

Lifehouse Album 'Out Of The Wasteland'

Release Date 5/26/2015 TrackList: Hurricane; One For The Pain; Flight; Runaways; Firing Squad; Wish; Stardust; Alien; Central Park; Yesterday's Son; Hourglass;

Shannon Saunders Album 'Instar'

Release Date 5/26/2015 TrackList: Lo-Fi; Bodies & Beats; Electric; Silly Little Things;

Onyx Album 'Against All Authorities'

Release Date 5/5/2015 TrackList: Strike Bac; Against All Authorities; Look Like A Criminal; Black Fatigue; Da Liquor Store; Fuck Da Law;

Jme Album 'Integrity>'

Release Date 5/12/2015 TrackList: Pulse 8; 96 Fuckries; Taking Over; Work; Game; Same Thing; Amen; Again; Break You Down; The Money; No You Ain't; Calm; Man Don't Care; Don't @ Me; Test Me; Integrity;

Jme Album 'History:'

Release Date 2/13/2011 TrackList: 96 Bars Of Revenge; Deadout; Freestyle; Shut Up And Dance; Food; Poomplex; R U Dumb?; 96 Bars Of JME; Boy Better Know; Eat Junk; Juju Riddim;

Jme Album 'Blam!'

Release Date 10/5/2010 TrackList: Darker; Famalam; Over Me; Jme; Cd is Dead; Hospital; Pick Up the Mic; It's Not a Long Ting; Money On My Brain; Blam; I Love Music; Oh; Sidetracked; Im the Best; Music Ting;

Jme Album 'Famous?'

Release Date 7/8/2008 TrackList: Awoh; 123; Standard; Show; P; Punch In The Face; Road Runner; Famous; Sun, Sea & Sand; Serious;

Alesso Album 'Forever'

Release Date 5/26/2015 TrackList: Profondo; PAYDAY; Heroes (we could be); Tear The Roof Up; Cool; Scars; Sweet Escape; Destinations; If It Wasn t For You; In My Blood; Under Control; All This Love; If I Lose Myself; Immortale;

Jacquees Album 'Quemix 2'

Release Date 1/6/2015 TrackList: Lifestyle; Mind Right; Try Me; Hold It Down; She Knows; How Bout Now; Persian Rugs; Me, U & Hennessy; Body Language; Bugatti; Don't Mind listen download; Recognize; Forever; Drunk Texting; One In A Million;

Beatenberg Album 'The Hanging Gardens Of Beatenberg'

Release Date 1/1/2014 TrackList: Rafael; Beauty Like A Tightened Bow; Chelsea Blakemore; Pluto; Southern Suburbs; Scorpionfish; Ithaca; Cavendish Square; Facebook Apologia; Echoes; All About Me; Cape To Rio; The Prince Of The Hanging Gardens;

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Album 'Get Lost, Find Yourself'

Release Date 5/18/2015 TrackList: Playing Dead; City Of Lights; The Other Line; Set It Straight; Pull You Under; What Goes Around; Worst Case Scenario; Twist The Knife; Get Lost, Find Yourself; Every Moment;

Tremonti Album 'Cauterize'

Release Date 6/9/2015 TrackList: Flying Monkeys; Another Heart;

Jason Derulo Album 'Everything Is 4'

Release Date 6/2/2015 TrackList: Want To Want Me; Cheyenne; Get Ugly; Pull-Up; Love Like That; Painkiller; Broke; Try Me; Love Me Down; Trade Hearts; X2CU;

Jason Derulo Album 'Talk Dirty'

Release Date 4/15/2014 TrackList: Talk Dirty; Wiggle; Trumpets; Bubblegum; Vertigo; Kama Sutra; Zipper; The Other Side; With The Lights On; Stupid Love; Marry Me;

Coal Chamber Album 'Rivals'

Release Date 5/19/2015 TrackList: I.O.U. Nothing; Bad Blood Between Us; Light In The Shadows; Suffer In Silence; The Bridges You Burn; Orion; Another Nail The Coffin; Rivals; Wait; Dumpster Dive; Over My Head; Fade Away (Karma Never Forgets); Empty Handed;

Sam Concepcion Album 'Infinite'

Release Date 3/24/2014 TrackList: No Limitations; Mahal Na Mahal; Kontrabida;

Trey Songz Album 'Intermission I & II'

Release Date 5/18/2015 TrackList: Intermission (Intro); Don't Play; Boss; Do It Now; Good Girls Vs. Bad Girls; Talk About It; Change; How Could You Forget; #FWYB; Company; Flick; Chill; Hard Times;

The Vaccines Album 'English Graffiti'

Release Date 5/26/2015 TrackList: Handsome; Dream Lover; Minimal Affection; 20/20; (All Afternoon) In Love; Denial; Want U So Bad; Radio Bikini; Maybe I Could Hold You; Give Me A Sign; Undercover;