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Rucka Rucka Ali Album 'Black Man Of Steal'

Release Date 1/13/2015 TrackList: Yeah, It's a Plane (Intro); Supa Black Man; What the Black Says; Ebola (La La); I'm Obama; All About That Rice; Eff Germany; Ginger; 1 Up; Wigger; Obama Been Watchin'; I Have a Little Cock; Bing Bong; Because I'm White; Minecraft Won't Add Inches to Your Cock; I'm Just a Teenage Mutant, Ninja; Ring a Ding Dong; Crapping; Smack My Bitch; Coincidental Racist; Kim Jong Un Song; Just Like Black Peoples; I Wanna Rape; In the Sun; I Love Michelle; Let's Talk About Race; I'm Osama; I'm Not Racist; Fly Like Me;

Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors Album 'Medicine'

Release Date 1/27/2015 TrackList: American Beauty; Tightrope; Here We Go; Shine Like Lightning; Avalanche; Heartbreak; You'll Always Be My Girl; Sisters Brothers; The Last Thing We Do; Ain't Nobody Got It Easy; I've Got You; When It's All Said and Done;

Cracker Album 'Berkeley To Bakersfield'

Release Date 12/9/2014 TrackList: Torches And Pitchforks; March Of The Billionaires; Beautiful; El Comandante; El Cerrito; Reaction; You Got Yourself Into This; Life In The Big City; Waited My Whole Life; California Country Boy; Almond Grove; King Of Bakersfield; Where Have Those Days Gone;

Cracker Album 'Sunrise In The Land Of Milk And Honey'

Release Date 5/5/2009 TrackList: Yalla Yalla (Let's Go); Show Me How This Thing Works; Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out With Me; We All Shine A Light; Hand Me My Inhaler; Friends; I Could Be Wrong, I Could Be Right; Time Machine; Hey Bret (You Know What Time It Is); Darling One; Sunrise In The Land Of Milk And Honey;

Cracker Album 'Greenland'

Release Date 6/6/2006 TrackList: Something You Ain't Got; Maggie; Where Have Those Days Gone; Fluffy Lucy; The Riverside; Gimme One More Chance; I'm So Glad She Ain't Never Coming Back; Sidi Ifni; I Need Better Friends; Minotaur; Night Falls; Better Times Are Coming Our Way; Everybody Gets One For Free; Darling We're Out Of Time;

Cracker Album 'Countrysides'

Release Date 10/7/2003 TrackList: Truckload Of Art; Duty Free; Up Against The Wall Redneck Mothers; Sinaloa Cowboys; Family Tradition; The Bottle Let Me Down; Reasons To Quit; Buenas Noches From A Lonely Room; Ain't Gonna Suck Itself;

Cracker Album 'Garage d'Or'

Release Date 4/4/2000 TrackList: Teen Angst (What The World Needs Now); This Is Cracker Soul; I See The Light; Low; Get Off This; Sweet Potato; Euro-Trash Girl; Shake Some Action; Sweet Thistle Pie; I'm A Little Rocket Ship; Big Dipper; Seven Days; Around The World; Be My Love; Heaven Knows I'm Lonely Now; The Eyes Of Mary; The Golden Age (Live); You Ain't Going Nowhere; Hollywood Cemetery; Whole Lotta Trouble; I Want Out Of The Circus; Mr. Wrong (Live); Sunday Train; Lonesome Johnny Blues (Live); Rainy Days And Mondays; China;

Dawn Richard Album 'Blackheart'

Release Date 1/15/2015 TrackList: Noir (Intro); Blow; Billie Jean; Adderall / Sold (Outerlude); Swim Free; Titans (Interlude); Warriors; Projection; Castles; Phoenix; Choices (Interlude); The Deep; Blackheart (Outro);

Jarren Benton Album 'Slow Motion'

Release Date 2/17/2015 TrackList: You Don't Know Me; Alladat; W.H.W.; Diamonds & Fur; Atychiphobia; Hallelujah; Killin My Soul; Silence;

Punch Brothers Album 'The Phosphorescent Blues'

Release Date 1/27/2015 TrackList: Familiarity; Julep; Passepied (Debussy); I Blew It Off; Magnet; My Oh My; Boll Weevil; Prélude (Scriabin); Forgotten; Between 1st And A; Little Lights;

The Rocketboys Album 'Build Anyway'

Release Date 6/22/2012 TrackList: Bloodless; Marching To The Palace; Time Is A Devil; Walking On Fire; These Are Hard Times; A Liar; Carry Me; Some Day Soon; Hallowed Ground; The Best;

The Rocketboys Album '20,000 Ghosts'

Release Date 9/29/2009 TrackList: We Are A Lighthouse; All The Western Winds; Sights And Sounds; Like Ice In Water; Take If From Me; Entr'acte (Parts I An III); Islands; Nineteen Twenty Nine; Endings; Rare Triumphs Of Love And Fortune; I Saw A Stone;

Ryan Bingham Album 'Fear & Saturday Night'

Release Date 1/20/2015 TrackList: Nobody Knows My Trouble; Broken Heart Tattoos; Top Shelf Drug; Island In The Sky; Adventures Of You And Me; Fear And Saturday Night; My Diamond Is Too Rough; Radio; Snow Falls In June; Darlin; Hands Of Time; Gun Fightin Man;

Smashing Pumpkins Album 'Monuments To An Elegy'

Release Date 12/9/2014 TrackList: Tiberius; Being Beige (World's On Fire); Anaise; One And All; Run2me; Drum + Fife; Monuments; Dorian; Anti-Hero;

Pavement Album 'Major Leagues'

Release Date 10/12/1999 TrackList: Major Leagues; Your Time To Change; Stub Your Toe; Major Leagues; Decouvert De Soleil; The Killing Moon; The Classical;

Pavement Album 'Spit On A Stranger'

Release Date 6/22/1999 TrackList: Spit On A Stranger; Harness Your Hopes; Roll With The Wind; Porpoise And The Hand Grenade; Rooftop Gambler;

Logan Mize Album 'Nobody In Nashville'

Release Date 3/13/2012 TrackList: State Of Your Heart; Nobody In Nashville; Hey Carolina; High & Dry; I Remember Everything; Sunflowers; Good Life; I Give In; Rock 'n' Roll Band; Ball and Chain;

Logan Mize Album 'Logan Mize'

Release Date 4/18/2011 TrackList: Ride In The Middle; The Girl I Left Behind; Long Dirt Road; Never Gonna Change; Do You Wanna Be With Me; Boys From Back Home; I'm Gonna Love You; American Made; They Don't Make Em' Any Better; Hankin' On;

I Am They Album 'I Am They'

Release Date 1/27/2015 TrackList: We Are Yours; Awake My Love; Your Love Is Mine; Over & Over Again; King Of Love; Even Me; From The Day; Make A Way; Here's My Heart; Amen;

Fifth Harmony Album 'Reflection'

Release Date 2/3/2015 TrackList: Top Down; BO$$; Sledgehammer; Worth It; This Is How We Roll; Everlasting Love; Like Mariah; Them Girls Be Like; Reflection; Suga Mama; We Know; Bonus Tracks; Going Nowhere; Body Rock; Brave, Honest, Beautiful;