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Rage Born to rage Born to rage What if your heart says you ain’t got nothing to lose What if your heart says What if your heart says never play by the rules Yeahhhhhh What if your heart says don’t have a... Born To Rage Lyrics by Dada Life

This is more than a typical kinda thing Felt the jones in my bones when you were touching me, oh oh Didnt want to take it slow In a daze, going crazed, I can barely think Youre replaying in my brain, find it... Brokenhearted Lyrics by Karmin

Im in a battle with my heartbeat The more I struggle the more I get deep I go full throttle down the dark streets And there is trouble ahead I get weak Its like Im running through a red light Girl you know you... Fastcar Lyrics by Taio Cruz

On the streets of LA where the future is now We dance like nobodys watching us And we live like we want to But it can all get a little crazy Unless theres something to hold onto For me, that was true love I was... Because Of You Lyrics by Lana Del Rey

Work hard, play hard Work hard, play hard Work hard, play hard Work hard, play hard Work, work, work, work Work, work, work, work Verse 1 Diamonds all on my ring nigga Gold watches, gold chain nigga Hundred thou... Work Hard, Play Hard Lyrics by Wiz Khalifa

I can’t buy your love, don’t even wanna try Sometimes the truth won’t make you happy Still, I’m not gonna lie But don’t ever question if my heart beats only for you it beats only for you I know I’m far from... My Kind Of Love Lyrics by Emeli Sandé

PART ROCK YEA Wooo!!!! LETS GO!! Party rock is in the house tonight Everybody just have a good time And we gonna make you lose your mind Everybody just have a good time X2 We just wanna see yaa! Shake That ! In the... Party Rock Anthem Lyrics by LMFAO

hieeeeeee i already posted a review for this song but I WANNA DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN...... Cause i love MARK SOOOOOO MUCH! IT seems many people love MARK... but i want him all for myself... maybe i will share... mark freak reviewed Swear It Again Lyrics, the song performed by Westlife

After 35 years of dissecting the lyrics of 5:15, I still don't know what Pete meant. I do know it's still one of the greatest songs ever. I saw The Who in Worcester Massachusetts USA in 1982, 18th row on... JudoWayne reviewed 5:15 Lyrics, the song performed by The Who

I heard of the isb from a friend in 1971.after hearing this album I was totally hooked by a band who has infuenced popular music since the sixties. They have consistently played to packed houses At many... chalkie reviewed the album I Looked Up performed by The Incredible String Band

I guess the song is searching for the truth,the purpose of existence but sad they never did.its powerful that's why Queen is the greatest band that ever existed.if John Lennon has imagine then Queen has... Ken reviewed Innuendo Lyrics, the song performed by Queen

In my opinion, the best bass lines POCO ever produced; so fine. To me, this is a quintessential song of how a concert can take you to another place, which only live music can do. Touch her now and love... Anonymous reviewed Calico Lady Lyrics, the song performed by Poco

I finally for the first time got to see Patrizio!! What a Show. Then was fortunate to meet him and take a picture with him. He is a beautiful Soul. His music, his personality and his looks! PERFECTION!!... Cindy reviewed the artist(band) Patrizio Buanne

This song means so much to me. I hope that other people who have been bullied listen to this, because i think that it will really help them, and let them know that they are not alone. I have been bullied... staying strong reviewed Hey Bully Lyrics, the song performed by Morgan Frazier

If you're going to rank on Hank Jr, learn to spell, please. Also the song says "Like that good ol HAGGARD song" (As in Merle Haggard) damn, people are so fucking stupid nowadays. ... LAURA DIAZ reviewed We Don't Apologize For America Lyrics, the song performed by Hank Williams, Jr.

I was madly in love with a girl my sophomore year in college. I proposed to her, but she said no (she wanted a career). Shortly after that, she transferred to the University of Alabama. I lost track... lonely hearse driver reviewed He Stopped Loving Her Today Lyrics, the song performed by George Jones

Teen Angel is a song I have never forgotten and I will be 70 this year, 2014. The words speak of a love that is oh so strong and now that she is gone his heart is pouring out all the love he had and still... Ray reviewed Teen Angel Lyrics, the song performed by Dickey Lee

I just came here to check on, if this bullshit really exist. And yep, its on. Seems, like Bible is really truth and JESUS ChRIST IS THE LORD. May all of you, who hate us recieve the love of JESUS and leave... Anonymous reviewed Misanthropic Luciferian Onslaught Lyrics, the song performed by Centurian

oh my god!!! Oli is so hot,plus he writes great songs that really get to you and always gets stuck in your head and you wanna keep it there.He is one of my favorite performers.... gabby perry reviewed Shadow Moses Lyrics, the song performed by Bring Me The Horizon

Like everything else 10cc before Godley & Crème left this is just 10 years ahead of its time Along with 'Blackmail' off The Original Soundtrack this has to be one of my favourite 10cc tracks ... Steve reviewed Speed Kills Lyrics, the song performed by 10cc

This song has a lot of positive messages in it, To me it uplifting. I don't see no harm in mentioning the Good Book, they're not saying go to it but, it gives me strength.... Anthony Smith Tony reviewed Fight the Good Fight Lyrics, the song performed by Triumph

not only this one but all your music comes with high and never ending message. i love your voice and your style. it always takes me back to high school days with my principal,,,,,. i hope to see you coming... thulani b nkosi from south africa reviewed the artist(band) Tracy Chapman

A Keef Klassic. One lyric correction for the last verse: I believe the line is "If that’s your love, just leave me blind." He doesn't care if she takes his soul and all his money, he's hopelessly in love... Jackflash2000 reviewed You Got The Silver Lyrics, the song performed by The Rolling Stones


Yes, I think that this song is about cheating. In short, the king is cheating on his queen with a friend that "came to play". They have a heated discussion about it later when she finds out. This conversation... Evan reviewed Cry Baby Cry Lyrics, the song performed by The Beatles

Forget 'Breakout' You On My Mind is a 'Classic' and all time very Special song and with many specialities that make it not only a well and truly gifted song with the outstanding lyrics, a very well vocalised... Miss. Karen Lenegan reviewed You On My Mind Lyrics, the song performed by Swing Out Sisters

I love you rich homie quan I'm one of your biggest fans , and your performance is the best , the car & bike show was awesome because of you keep up the good work & success your gigantic fan loves you so... Cristiana 💓 reviewed the artist(band) Rich Homie Quan

I have recently 'relearned' this song as a solo because of realizing my guitar and vocal ability far exceeds what it once was, and I am quite happy with the result. This is a most special song to me, and... Evod ~ Northern California reviewed '39 Lyrics, the song performed by Queen

This song made me cry everytime I listen to it. Heaven got an angel when my unborn baby joined lil angels in heaven. I cried during those times,but GOD never left me.... Sofiya Deniese reviewed Held Lyrics, the song performed by Natalie Grant

I most definitely cried when I saw the video and read the lyrics. I am a victim of bullying and this song is definitely a song I want my bullies to listen to. If they did, I bet they would apologize.... Survivor reviewed Hey Bully Lyrics, the song performed by Morgan Frazier

Lucky philip dube.. A great phophet he was indeed.. i admire your lifestyle, listening to your songs evry morning makes me do no wrong to people at my wrking site 4 that i salute you.. Thnx 4 jst been lucky... jakeslam namibia reviewed the artist(band) Lucky Dube

This song "always" has relly bless my soul.I've made so many mistakes and had to pay but i couldn't all because of the love of christ,his blood erase every stain of mind and i've promise to spend my always... Kusua Daniel reviewed Always Lyrics, the song performed by Kirk Franklin