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The Answer Album 'Raise A Little Hell'

Release Date 3/17/2015 TrackList: Long Live The Renegades; The Other Side; Aristocrat; Cigarettes & Regret; Last Days Of Summer; Strange Kinda Nothing; I Am What I Am; Whiplash; Gone Too Long; Red; I Am Cured; Raise A Little Hell; Feel Like I'm On My Way; Flying; I Will Follow On;

Black Star Riders Album 'The Killer Instinct'

Release Date 2/20/2015 TrackList: The Killer Instinct; Bullet Blues; Finest Hour; Soldierstown; Charlie I Gotta Go; Blindsided; Through The Motions; Sex, Guns & Gasoline; Turn In Your Arms; You Little Liar; Bonus Tracks; Gabrielle; The Reckoning Day;

Foo Fighters Album 'Sonic Highways'

Release Date 11/10/2014 TrackList: Something From Nothing; The Feast And The Famine; Congregation; What Did I Do? / God As My Witness; Outside; In The Clear; Subterranean; I Am A River;

Damien Jurado Album 'Brothers And Sisters Of The Eternal Son'

Release Date 1/21/2014 TrackList: Magic Number; Silver Timothy; Return To Maraqopa; Metallic Cloud; Jericho Road; Silver Malcolm; Silver Katherine; Silver Joy; Bonus Track; Plains To Crash;

Damien Jurado Album 'Maraqopa'

Release Date 2/21/2012 TrackList: Nothing Is The News; Life Away From The Garden; Maraqopa; This Time Next Year; Reel To Reel; Working Titles; Everyone A Star; So On, Nevada; Museum Of Flight; Mountains Still Asleep;

Damien Jurado Album 'And Now That I'm In Your Shadow'

Release Date 10/10/2006 TrackList: Hoquiam; Denton, TX; I Had No Intentions; And Now That I'm In Your Shadow; What Were The Chances; Shannon Rhodes; There Goes Your Man; I Am Still Here; Gasoline Drinks; Gas Station; Montesano;

Chris Crocker Album 'More Than Three Words'

Release Date 2/1/2015 TrackList: All of Me; Keepers and Leavers; Give Your Love Away; Did You Ever Love Me; Gone; Always Be; 2007; Love Back; Romantic Cynic; Grand;

Dove Cameron Album 'Liv And Maddie'

Release Date 3/17/2015 TrackList: What A Girl Is; True Love; As Long As I Have You; You, Me And The Beat; Count Me In; On Top Of The World; Better In Stereo; Froyo Yolo;

Three Days Grace Album 'Human'

Release Date 3/31/2015 TrackList: Human Race; Painkiller; Fallen Angel; Landmine; Tell Me Why; I Am Machine; So What; Car Crash; Nothing Fair In Love and War; One Too Many; The End Is Not the Answer; The Real You;

Muse Album 'Drones'

Release Date 6/9/2015 TrackList: Dead Inside; [Drill Sergeant]; Psycho; Mercy; Reapers; The Handler; [JFK]; Defector; Revolt; Aftermath; The Globalist; Drones;

Charlie Winston Album 'Curio City'

Release Date 2/3/2015 TrackList: Wilderness; Truth; Say Something; Fear & Love; Too Long; A Light (Night); Another Trigger; Lately; Just Sayin'; A Light (Day); Evening Comes; Stories;

Gucci Mane Album 'East Atlanta Santa'

Release Date 12/25/2014 TrackList: Don't Count Me Out; Dope Money; Extra; Put Yourself In My Shoes; Go; Maybe Its The Juice; That Ever Lived; Dead People; Medication; Odd Ball; One Min; Riding Dirty; With My Pistol; Trappin Out The Mansion; One Day At A Time (outro);

Hinder Album 'When The Smoke Clears'

Release Date 5/12/2015 TrackList: Rather Hate Than Hurt; Hit The Ground; Wasted Life; If Only For Tonight; Intoxicated; Dead To Me; Foolish Eyes; Nothing Left To Lose; Letting Go; I Need Another Drink; When She Cries;

Leonard Cohen Album 'Popular Problems'

Release Date 9/23/2014 TrackList: Slow; Almost Like The Blues; Samson In New Orleans; A Street; Did I Ever Love You; My Oh My; Nevermind; Born In Chains; You Got Me Singing;

Prodigy Album 'The Day Is My Enemy'

Release Date 3/31/2015 TrackList: The Day Is My Enemy; Nasty; Rebel Radio; Ibiza; Destroy; Wild Frontier; Rok-Weiler; Beyond The Deathray; Rhythm Bomb; Roadblox; Get Your Fight On; Medicine; Invisible Sun; Wall Of Death;

Future Album '56 Nights'

Release Date 3/21/2015 TrackList: Free At Last; Never Gon Lose; Purple Coming In; Diamonds From Africa; Now; No Compadre; March Madness; Trap Niggas; Da Fam On Da Gram Skit; 56 Nights;

Earl Sweatshirt Album 'I Don't Like Shit, I Don't Go Outside'

Release Date 4/14/2015 TrackList: Huey; Mantra; Faucet; Grief; Off Top; Inside; DNA; Wool;

Glee Cast Album 'Glee: The Music, Dreams Come True'

Release Date 3/24/2015 TrackList: Teach Your Children; Someday We'll Be Together; Daydream Believer; This Time; I Lived;

Glee Cast Album 'Glee: The Music, 2009'

Release Date 3/20/2015 TrackList: Popular; I'm His Child; I Kissed A Girl (Season Six); Pony; Don't Stop Believin';

Glee Cast Album 'Glee: The Music, We Built This Glee Club'

Release Date 3/17/2015 TrackList: Listen To Your Heart; We Built This City; Mickey; Take Me To Church; Chandelier; Come Sail Away;